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Different types of forklifts

Reach trucks, pneumatic tyres trucks and many more – many different types of forklifts to choose from. Since the funds you invest is significant, let us help in choosing the right forklift or pallet truck and choose the best fit for your warehouse.

Counterbalance forklift trucks

Counterbalance truck on grey background

Counterbalance truck

The most popular type among industry. You will meet Jungheinrich EFG series, Toyota electric trucks and many more. Some market data tells it is 70 percent of this type spreaded among some EU markets. This type is highly flexible to use indoors/outdoors and on any terrain (unless it is very rough). These forklift trucks are equipped with three or four wheels for good maneuverability. As you can understand from the title – this forlift truck uses counter weight to move loads. This could be quiet tricky for unexperienced drivers. Check the list of warehouse accidents you want to avoid.

Reach trucks and their types

Reach truck

Toyota reach truck without laser attachment

In case you are in need of moving load as per one per bay or longer forks – reach forklift truck is your choice.

  • Double deep – longer forks for reaching to the max back of the bay. Perfect for warehouse parts where multiple pallets are stored. This type usually has extended (or longer) forks to go at max under the palette. This also helps for stability.
  • Stand-up trucks – very similar to the previous ones except one load per bay.  Check attachment solutions for reach trucks.

Rough terrain trucks

Mainly used for civil engineering and rough terrain. Main specs of this truck are: inflatable tyres, powerful engine, higher speeds together with very robust body. All these specifics are great while working outdoors or even ice, snow or muddy backgrounds.


Very narrow aisle forklift trucks

Aisle truck

Forklift truck to use in tidy spaces

This type is made to pick or stack pallets very easily. This type of forklift truck is highly efficient if you think on space utilization. Some of them are electric high rack stackers. ofr instance, Jungheinrich and other manufacturers offers two-shifts-lasting battery time.


Order pickers

There are 2 types of them: low and medium/high level machines. Jungheinrich ECE series works up to the second level of racks. If you need more height – choose high level machines, some of them goes for up to 5m height.


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Forklift accidents

Numbers of forklift truck injuries


All moving machinery within a warehouse is a great danger for your employees. Increasing statistics show high numbers on injuries to workers on forklift truck accidents. That being said, we know forklift trucks is the main reason for ten percent of all injuries happened in the workplaces.

Check out the numbers for forklift truck actions

  1. Going 180 degree turn is the most common reason when visibility is blocked.
  2. Data scientists say we can reduce the number twice if companies apply better safety policy.
  3. Only in U.S. forklift truck cause close to 100 deaths annually.
  4. Almost 40`000 heavy injuries happen every year because of hand pallet or forklift trucks accidents.
  5. More than 70k not heavy injuries happen annualy of the same reason.
  6. More then 5M EUR is lost after fatal warehouse crashes. Look, here is one example.

Main reasons to have strict safety policy on warehouse

So, just think about it – heavy forklift trucks, hand pallet trucks and reach trucks differ a lot – comparing to any other vehicles your employees got used in their daily life.

  • Reach trucks and forklift trucks could weigh more than 10 tones,
  • Ocasionally trucks have brakes only for front axle and they much harder to stop,
  • The max speed for the latest forklift trucks could be close to 18mph (30km/h),
  • Swinging back of truck – you turn truck by rear wheels,
  • Driver takes load on forks which often blocks his visibility – this is how forklift accident happens,
  • Counterbalance trucks are heavier in the back to compensate the weigh of the load. This makes truck difficult to manipulate.
  • You can increase safety level by innovative TOPLINE laser.

Not safe or uneven load

Almost 15% accidents when people got killed happened because of the falling load. We know, there are many reasons for this. Incorrect position of the load, blocked eye-sight of the driver. Also, uneven load balance could cause turnover of the truck.

However, all accidents are avoidable. If you think this way and check all regulations and max precoutions – this will always help.

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